Wednesday Knitting

Wednesday Knitting

Latest knitting project: a drop-shoulder pullover with fullness in the sleeves and lace banding on all pieces.

It’s a pattern from 1994, so the styling might be a bit out of date–I’m thinking of the sleeves specifically–but it looks like it’s going to be comfortable and cool this spring and summer. I’m thinking of wearing it with a tank, a wide belt in a neutral and jeans. Early in the season, booties will work, and then later, shorts and sandals.

This is the first sweater I’ve ever worked with straight needles in the neckline. Most ribbed collars I’ve done with circular needles. I know how to seam the neck invisibly, so I’m not intimidated.

Unrelated note: still doing Primal, still holding steady.

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

I bought this skirt in Japan almost 24 years ago. It’s a Medium size. Medium Japanese size is a bit smaller (especially back then) than American Medium. At the time, I wore sizes 6, 7 or 8, depending on the cut (size 7 is a junior size, which means the hips are narrower).

My mother told me that since I had my son, my hips are too big to ever wear a size 6 again. It will never happen. It’s a pelvic size thing, she says.

Right now, I’m wearing 14s loosely, 12s snugly and 10s with pain.

I don’t know if she’s right, but the reason I’m keeping this skirt is that I want to see what will happen if I try. What size will I wear if I get down to my ideal weight? (And honestly, I don’t even know what that is.)

Can I ever get this skirt back on? Even if I don’t want to wear it (miniskirts are verboten for those over 40, so say Clinton and Stacy) and I probably never would, in public, I’d like to see if I could.

Stay tuned.