Tummy Shot 4: Getting Braver

Tummy Shot 4: Getting Braver

Five weeks of Primal Living!

The weight loss slowed down this week. I only lost one pound, which brings me to 10 total. I think there are two reasons for that. First, in this part of my cycle, I tend to retain water. In about a week, I’ll drop again, quickly. Secondly, I have not had enough exercise. I’m hoping now that I’m working fewer hours, I can get out on the road and burn a little.

The pants I have on here are 13s, a junior size, which is like a misses’ 14, but with smaller hips. The 12s are still a little muffin-toppy, but we’re getting there.

Jeff’s new thing he makes for me is cabbage and sausage. The cabbage cooks down in the pan and becomes almost sweet. I’m just about sick of steamed veggies, so it’s a nice change.

My craving this week is soda, either diet or sugared. I have not given in to it yet.

Jeff and I cannot wait for the gardening to start. We really want to eat our own freshly grown veggies. And we have our share of a steer from Wood’s Meats coming. Can’t wait for that, either.

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